PONSSE Opti 8 – the most modern forest machine computer in the markets

HELSINKI, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — PONSSE Opti 8 is a state-of-the-art touchscreen computer designed for PONSSE forest machines. User-friendliness, a large high-resolution display, high ergonomics in the cabin and responsiveness form the basis of the technical and visual design of the PONSSE Opti 8 computer: all factors that improve the working conditions of forest machine operators.

The new Opti 8 computer offers more power and memory than the previous version, experienced by users in faster and smoother operations. The storage capacity of the hard disk has been doubled to ensure the operation of future applications.

“The design of PONSSE Opti 8 computer focuses, above all, on its use in a demanding forest machine environment. The computer is developed by Ponsse, together with the Group’s technology company Epec. Opti 8 computers are manufactured at Epec’s production facility in Seinäjoki,” says Markku Savolainen, Ponsse Plc’s Product Manager, equipment automation.

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Modern technology to be introduced to promote Halal food industry: Chaudhry Fawad

Ch Fawad thanks authorities for ensuring safety measures in reopening institutions
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ISLAMABAD, Sep 9 (APP): Federal Minister for Science and Technology Chuadhry Fawad Hussain on Wednesday said that modern technology would be introduced to promote Pakistan’s Halal Food Industry.

Addressing an awareness seminar titled “Halal Accreditation: A Gateway to international Trade” organized by Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), Ministry of Science and Technology at Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), he said that it was time to adopt digitalization and bio technology, adding that Halal authority was formed to strengthen the industry.

The minister said that after 18th amendment provinces have not shared their plans in this regard, adding that people want investment should be facilitated and farms should be established to increase the livestock.

He called upon provincial Ministers of Livestock to play their role in strengthening Halal food industry.

Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said that government was not supposed to do business, but provide maximum

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Coronavirus fuels modern slavery threat for Asian garment workers

for the first time, India and Bangladesh were in the ‘extreme risk’ category for slave labour

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By Naimul Karim

DHAKA, Sept 4 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The risk of modern slavery in Asian manufacturing hubs has surged and is set to worsen with the economic impact of the new coronavirus, increased labour rights violations and poor law enforcement, a global index found on Friday.

For the first time, India and Bangladesh were in the “extreme risk” category, joining China and Myanmar in a group of 32 countries with the worst risk of slave labour, the Modern Slavery index by risk analytics company Verisk Maplecroft found.

The risks faced by workers in Cambodia and Vietnam also

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The original digital watch button foretold the battery life struggle of modern smartwatches

In hindsight, it sounds almost ridiculous. An expensive watch with technology that’s never been put on your wrist before that costs hundreds of dollars more than a traditional timepiece. And get this: this fancy, futuristic gadget cant even continuously show the time.

No, I’m not talking about the original Apple Watch. I’m talking about the Pulsar Time Computer, the first commercially sold digital watch, which was released back in the 1970s by Hamilton. But despite the 50-year difference, the Pulsar foretold the same issues that we still struggle with today on our modern smartwatches — and fixed them the way we do, too: with a button.

The original Pulsar was a revolutionary device, so cool and futuristic that it appeared in Live and Let Die on the wrist of Roger Moore’s James Bond. But it had a big

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The F-117 Nighthawk: The First Modern Stealth Plane

Here’s What You Need To Remember: In addition to its reflective surfaces, the Nighthawk sported other design features now standard in stealth aircraft, including the use of radar-absorbent iron-ball paint magnetically charged so as to reduce the reflection of electromagnetic waves. The F-117’s slit-shaped exhaust ports for its F404 turbofan engines minimize the infrared signature of the exhaust.

The F-117 Nighthawk, America’s original stealth plane with a deeply sinister appearance, is an example of a weapon system designed around the limitations imposed by a promising new technology. The Nighthawk was revolutionary when it entered service in 1983—not that many could appreciate that, as the plane was kept secret from the public for five years.

Ironically, the Pentagon had a Russian researcher named Pyotr Ufimtsev to thank for first elaborating in a 1964 paper the concept that visibility on radar was not based purely on the size of an object, but

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Why modern engines overheat


Modern technology has made engines lighter and more efficient in comparison to older ones that were made of cast iron. Most modern engines are made of aluminium alloy.

This makes the process of manufacturing it simpler and faster.

Besides, recycling it is far much easier since aluminium melts at about 4370C. Aluminium is a good heat conductor and dissipates heat faster.

However, aluminium is sensitive if the temperature regulation is not done well.

If the cylinder head and block buckles or cracks, in most cases, the bolts that tighten the cylinder head on the block lose grip.

In engines, where the block is made of cast iron, it is only the cylinder head that gets affected.

Resurfacing the head and re-installing it with another head gasket, can solve the heating problem.

For modern engines, such as that of the new model Toyota Harrier, Wish, Noah or Voxy, once the

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Girl Scouts redesign uniforms with ‘modern, fashionable twists’

The Girl Scouts announced today a redesign of the uniform that includes classic elements along with “modern, fashionable twists to ensure that every girl can express her unique style.”

The Girl Scouts collaborated with the Fashion Institute of Technology for the new wardrobe. The uniform includes a new vest and sash as well as “an official apparel collection of 18 new interchangeable pieces for girls in grades 6–12.

In the past the Girl Scouts have collaborated with other designers including “Mainbocher in the 1950s, Halston in the 1970s, Bill Blass in the 1980s, and Diane von Furstenberg earlier this year,” the Girl Scouts said in a news release.

The Girl Scouts said the new apparel was created by Fashion Institute of Technology class of 2020 students Nidhi Bhasin, Jenny Feng and Melissa Posner.

The new line includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging pants, spandex leggings with pockets, cargo pants, a knit skater

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Turkey’s New Akinci Drone Is Impressive, But It’s No Substitute For Modern Fighter Jets

The Bayraktar Akinci drone is the most sophisticated built by Turkey to date. However, Ankara cannot count on the Akinci to serve as a substitute for its air force either acquiring or developing a fifth-generation fighter jet sometime in the next decade. 

The second Akinci (Turkish for ‘raider’) prototype completed a 62-minute flight test in August, according to its manufacturer.

The Akinci has a 65-feet wingspan, is designed to have an impressive 24 hours of endurance and to fly as high as

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33 obsolete technologies that will baffle modern generations

(Pocket-lint) – Advancements in technology come in leaps and bounds, meaning it doesn’t take long for new gadgets to become obsolete shortly after they reach their target market. Several modern technologies, such as mobile phones and computers, offer the ability to do many of the same things that these older gadgets were capable of, but in a smaller and more portable forms. 

That’s why we’re taking a nostalgic walk down memory lane, looking at some of the biggest, best and most memorable gadgets from the last century that have been outdated, outmoded or just forced into irrelevance by better, modern technologies.

You might remember many of these, but there are plenty of the younger generation that don’t.


Public telephone booths

The iconic phone booth; essentially a monument to telephone’s history and now just a tourist attraction or somewhere to shelter from the cold.

The public phone booth has

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