Day: August 20, 2020

How Santa Cruz lost its first national landmark

By Ross Eric Gibson

a vintage photo of an old building: Anton P. Hotaling built his landmark building as a hotel over shops in 1886. It housed Hinkle’s Cash Store from 1894 to 1923, but was best known after 1943 for McHugh & Bianchi Grocers. (Contributed)

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Anton P. Hotaling built his landmark building as a hotel over shops in 1886. It housed Hinkle’s Cash Store from 1894 to 1923, but was best known after 1943 for McHugh & Bianchi Grocers. (Contributed)

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In 1970, Sentinel historian Margaret Koch said that while it seemed there wasn’t much people could agree on these days, Santa Cruzans were united on historic preservation, adding “…one of the oldest, most meaningful landmarks is the McHugh & Bianchi Grocers….”  This fancy 1886 Italianate building stood prominently at the southwest corner of Pacific and Mission streets, built for “Whiskey King” Anson P. Hotaling by local architect LeBaron R. Olive.  The specialty grocery was as beloved as the building, with bins of produce and flowers out front, exotic gourmet foods inside, unusual kitchen gadgets and hard-to-find items, drawing foodies

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Intel’s ‘Client 2.0’ computer of the future is a device customized to your needs

If Intel’s view of the future is right, you may one day be shopping for a compute device that’s custom-tailored for you, rather than a device that’s one-size-fits-all.

The company detailed its long view of the future of computing devices called “Client 2.0” where the monolithic core and multi-die approaches are shed for a far more granular and personalized approach to personal computing.

client Intel

People have expectations of rich computing at every turn, and that can’t be addressed with the old models of monolithic designs, Intel said.

The company believes this Client 2.0 era will occur as we leave today’s cloud-everything approach and expect immersive, “life-like” computing experiences at every turn, said Brijesh Tripathi, Chief Client Architect for Intel.

Tripathi said Intel has been moving toward this vision for years, and its approach with EMIB, memory, and stacked dies will help it happen.

“Our purpose has changed from building monolithic

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Survey finds widespread dissatisfaction with internet service in Maine

Nearly half of Mainers who responded to a recent survey said their internet service during the COVID-19 pandemic has been less than adequate.

Results of the statewide survey by Mission Broadband, a Bangor-based firm, reveal disparities in broadband access and affordability in different areas, a divide that has been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a news release from Mission Broadband.

Roughly 47 percent of the more than 2,600 respondents indicated that their internet service has not met their needs since the start of the pandemic. Respondents said the biggest issues have been slow connectivity, unreliable service and cost.

The survey results are being shared with stakeholders across the state, including community organizations and municipal governments.

Mission Broadband said inadequate internet service is affecting telecommuters as well as parents, teachers and students trying to conduct distance learning programs. The poor service is also affecting telehealth programs. Of those

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Modern driver-assistance technology ‘far from reliable’: AAA study

By Tina Bellon


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(Reuters) – Advanced driver assistance technology automating steering and braking in a growing number of vehicles is not providing reliable safety benefits, a new study by the American Automobile Association showed on Thursday.

Researchers at AAA, a federation of North American motor clubs, found the systems recorded disruptions and disengaged roughly every eight miles, encountering situations they were not equipped to handle.

That creates dangerous situations if drivers rely too much on the technology and stop paying attention to the road, the AAA researchers said, adding that the systems are “far from 100% reliable.”

“AAA has repeatedly found that active driving assistance systems do not perform consistently, especially in real-word scenarios,” Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of automotive engineering and industry relations, said in a statement.

Automakers are accelerating the automation of routine driving tasks including cruising on a highway and stop-and-go traffic. The options offer

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South Carolina’s Energy Office Launches Energy Saver Tool and Website

The South Carolina Energy Office, housed within the Office of Regulatory Staff, has launched a new online Energy Saver Tool and website to help consumers easily find energy-saving programs. The tool and website were built in partnership with NIC South Carolina, the state’s digital government services provider.

EnergySaver.SC.GOV. The tool offers an easy way for the public to answer a few simple questions and find energy-saving programs available to them. Users can also search by category or by program name to find specific program information. Programs and results are printable and can be shared by exporting to a PDF or Excel file.” data-reactid=”21″Finding energy-saving programs can involve visiting multiple websites and be frustrating for consumers. Now consolidated in one central, online location,

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