Day: August 22, 2020

Gadgets worth your attention in 2020

The world of technology tends to move at a rapid pace. What was a cutting-edge product one day is completely obsolete the next. Whether you’re someone who loves to pay attention to the latest inventions sweeping the marketplace or you have a casual interest in how the future of tech will shape the rest of the world, there are plenty of reasons to explore the newest and most interesting gadgets. There have been some truly interesting and innovative products in 2020. With so many new discoveries, there’s a breakthrough that is sure to interest everyone.

Look over these gadgets and learn more about the newest changes moving through the tech industry. You never know what you’ll discover!

Streaming Made Simple

With every push forward in the world of tech, it seems that entertainment gets a huge boost along with it. Only a decade ago, most people relied on basic cable

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Congressman Ted Lieu speaks out after urging FBI investigation into Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Two Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to the FBI Monday morning, urging it to investigate the Postmaster General Louis Dejoy.

CA congressman calls for investigation into postmaster general



Congressman Ted Lieu, D-Calif., joined Kristen Sze on ABC7 News at 3 p.m. “Getting Answers” to talk about the letter sent, President Trump, USPS funding and the Democratic National Convention.

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The second term congressman representing part of LA County has been receiving lots of national attention due to his tweets calling out haters, internet trolls, and even President Trump.

“I’m just trying to tell the truth and sometimes I do put some edge to it because this president is really taking our country in a very bad direction,” Lieu said. “I just want people to pay attention because this is not only not

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This CTO Says AI Technology Will Accelerate Sustainable Investing And Create A More Equitable Society

This article series spotlights key business trends identified by the expert members of Forbes Councils. Find out if you qualify for Forbes Technology Council here.

ESG investing, which accounts for a company’s environmental, social and governance ratings alongside traditional financial metrics, and the concept of “stakeholder capitalism” over shareholder profitability had been growing trends even before the pandemic. Now, after nearly 40 million Americans lost their jobs and over 170,000 lost their lives due to Covid-19, companies that have effectively responded by protecting their customers and employees have become much more attractive to investors. 

Companies that have proven themselves invaluable during the pandemic are attracting record-high levels of sustainable ESG funds, despite a dramatic downturn in the overall economy. According to Morningstar’s Global Sustainable Fund Flows Report, global sustainable funds reached almost $45.7

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USPS launches website providing resources and information on mail-in ballots ahead of 2020 election

FILE – A ballot box inside Boston City Hall is available for residents to drop off their mail in ballots on Aug. 18, 2020. (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) launched an election mail website aimed at providing information to voters and election officials about the mail-in voting process.

The website’s August 21 launch comes as states across the country are looking to expand their mail-in voting options for the upcoming election amid the coronavirus pandemic. It also coincides with growing concern that the USPS will not be able to handle the anticipated surge in mail-in ballots.

Last week, the Postal Service warned states across the country that it cannot guarantee all ballots cast by mail for the November election will arrive in time to be counted, even if the ballots are mailed by state deadlines.


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