Day: August 25, 2020

The 10 Best Cordless Vacuums for Hardwood Floors, According to Thousands of Reviews

If you’re sick of using a clunky traditional vacuum, it might be time to cut the cord and upgrade to a more modern, cordless version. These high-tech appliances are lighter and easier to maneuver compared to their corded counterparts, not to mention, they look sleeker as well. 

While most cordless vacuums are designed to work on all surfaces, they are especially effective when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors. These clever gadgets suck up the same amount of dirt and debris as traditional vacuums, but their lightweight and compact designs prevent excess wear and tear from occurring on your flooring. 

Like many appliances, cordless vacuums can be pricey. So to help you decide which ones are actually worth your money, we turned to reviews from real people to see which models they love most. The cordless vacuums detailed below not only come highly recommended by thousands of shoppers who say … Read More

5 esoteric science papers to take your mind off the global hellscape

Experiencing 2020 from the POV of a rational-minded person is exhausting and scary. It sometimes feels as though we’ve ended up in the worst timeline of a badly-scripted parallel universes story. While everyone has their own tried-and-true coping mechanisms, we’d like to suggest a science-based remedy for the pandemic blues: read some wacky research papers.

Hear us out. You could spend your day thinking about things like the upcoming US presidential elections, COVID-19, global climate crisis, and other horrifying topics. You could. Or you could take some time off and read about head transplants, the birth of our future overlords, compelling evidence you’re actually living inside a computer simulation run by your great-great-great-great grandkids, whatever the hell Quantum Darwinism is, and how a new class of calculus will brute force superintelligent AI into existence.

Science is awesome and these are the receipts. Whether you’re a bonafide astrophysicist or a curious

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Internet of Things Technology Market to See Huge Growth by 2025 |

Internet of Things Technology Market

2018-2023 Global and Regional Internet of Things Technology Industry Production, Sales and Consumption Status and Prospects Professional Market Research Report is latest research study released by HTF MI evaluating the market, highlighting opportunities, risk side analysis, and leveraged with strategic and tactical decision-making support. The study provides information on market trends and development, drivers, capacities, technologies, and on the changing investment structure of the Global and Regional Internet of Things Technology Market. Some of the key players profiled in the study are Intel , Qualcomm , Texas Instruments , International Business Machines (IBM) , Stmicroelectronics , General Electric (GE) , Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) , Cisco Systems , Microsoft , Amazon Web Services (AWS) , Symantec , PTC , Alphabet , Ayla Networks, Losant Iot, Notion, Pepper & Helium Systems.

HNY Research projects that the Internet of Things Technology market size will grow from USD

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Pete Erickson is Leading the Voice Technology Community Movement. Here’s What You Need to Hear Now For Your Brand.

The world is speaking. Are you listening? A brand’s voice is no longer something ephemeral. It’s more tangible as companies can “talk” to their customers, and that’s not a metaphor. Voice technologies embrace different aspects of modern human life. We’re going to experience the technology transition that will empower brands and customers to rule reality by voice. Does it still sound like a blurry future? Actually, it’s closer than expected.

According to Statista, there are an estimated 3.25 billion digital voice assistants being used in devices worldwide as of 2019. We’re going to see even more intriguing data by 2023 — the number of digital voice assistants will reach around eight billion units — even higher than the world’s population.

To address the needs of modern consumers, forward-thinking brands need to start rethinking the customer experience from the voice tech perspective, as it brings whole new opportunities to interact

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USPS unveils election website, says ‘every American’ will receive letter detailing vote-by-mail process

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told lawmakers Friday that the US Postal Service plans to “send a letter to every American” explaining “what our process is” for mail-in voting.

“We are emphasizing, and in fact, I think in September, we’re going to send a letter to every American with what our process is, going out to every American citizen,” DeJoy said at a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee.

Also on Friday, USPS rolled out a new election website with information for voters and election officials on how to properly vote by mail this fall. A record number of Americans are expected to utilize postal voting because of the coronavirus pandemic, due to fears of contracting the virus at polling places.

“The American public can rely on the United States Postal Service to fulfill our role in the electoral process,” the website says, calling vote-by-mail a “secure”

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