Day: August 26, 2020

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Review

Sometimes, consumers just want a flagship and they don’t want to spend $1000+ to get one. Enter, the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G — recently sent to Android Headlines for review.

Now, this phone is ambitious, to say the very least. Samsung built the gadget with a goal in mind. And it’s the very goal listed above. Whether or not it accomplishes that goal is something else entirely. One could split the answer across two very clearly separate categories. Experience and hardware.

On the experience front, Samsung has done something special with the Galaxy A71 5G. It created a 5G-capable device that delivers a very top-tier experience in real-world use. On the hardware front, this is obviously not a flagship at all. And there are a few quirks where that shines through.

It would be easy to simply cycle through and list off highlights. It’s also easy enough to point out

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Fresh blood at Computer Museum Society

The Australian Computer Museum Society  has held its Annual General Meeting, at which the entire management committee was replaced.

New President is iTWire Associate Editor Graeme Philipson, who was founding President when the Society was formed in 1994. “I left after a few years because I thought there was too much hoarding and too little collecting,” he said. “But now there’s many enthusiastic new members and they asked me to return.”

The other new office bearers are Adrian Franulovich (Vice President), Joe Lemura (Treasurer) and Riley Perry (Secretary). Former President, distinguished IT academic Professor Jennifer Seberry, is now patron of the Society. Long-time President John Deane died in May of this year. He was one of the inventors of WiFi during his time at CSIRO and a prolific historian of early Australian computing.

Deane was one of the ‘three Johns’ who were the mainstay of the society for many years.

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Internet searches related to panic attacks and anxiety spiked to all-time high early in pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic gained traction in the United States, internet searches for key words related to panic attacks and acute anxiety spiked.Google searches for anxiety symptoms from mid-March to mid-May were the highest they’ve been in the history of the search engine, according to researchers at the Qualcomm Institute’s Center for Data Driven Health at the University of California San Diego.The study was published Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.In particular, anxiety and panic attack searches corresponded to major news events, including March 16, when social distancing guidelines were put in place nationally; and March 29, when those guidelines were extended.Queries also spiked on April 3, when President Donald Trump announced face mask recommendations; and on April 11, when the U.S. surpassed Italy in the number of coronavirus deaths.The results could give leaders and policy makers perspective on how to manage the general population’s perception of … Read More

Lunaz Is Transforming Classic Rolls-Royce Phantoms Into Modern EVs

Trendy plug-in vehicles are the new storm headed the way of the auto industry and are beginning to take shape beyond the average consumer’s driveway. But a car doesn’t have to be new in order to be trendy—it can pass simply by being rare or expensive, and that’s exactly what is attracting the ultra-wealthy collectors to retrofit their classics with a sense of modern splendor.

Lunaz knows this. The classic design company hails from Silverstone in the United Kingdom, and it has made its mark by retrofitting EV drivetrains into luxury and classic British cars, namely Rolls-Royce. On Friday, the bespoke shop showed the world its latest project: a battery-powered 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V.

Before we get into the beautiful design bits, let’s take a moment to talk about the technology that went into making this project. This is the very first restomod to be fitted with Lunaz’s new proprietary

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Property foreclosure website RealtyTrac prepares for growth with rehire of Rick Sharga

ATTOM Data Solutions’ RealtyTrac, a foreclosure listings and search portal, added industry veteran Rick Sharga back into its ranks earlier this month in a move that foreshadows what the company sees for its future. Sharga will oversee RealtyTrac’s marketing and public relations initiatives and implement new marketing strategies to increase brand awareness.

After foreclosures declined to record lows in recent years, ReatyTrac sees the potential for increased foreclosure activity due to the pandemic. Sharga isn’t new to the company, having laid the foundation for its internal and external communications program for eight years in the early 2000s. But the announcement of his return is a true sign of the times.

“[Sharga] now returns at a pivotal moment, as RealtyTrac once again positions itself as the premier foreclosure listings and search portal,” the company said in its release. “In this role, Sharga will be responsible for developing and executing a

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