Day: October 3, 2020

These women entrepreneurs are revisiting simpler days of childhood by reviving traditional Indian games

Gone are the days when children made Sunday plans to compete in games of spinning tops, marbles, or other spirited outdoor sports. Today, their free times is spent glaring at mobile and computer screens, hosting virtual games where screams of excitement are being typed as emojis. Most elders reckon these as signs of changing times and some even go along with flow.

Today, many mothers leave their children at the hands of gadgets so that they are not disturbed or even so that they eat without any fuss. Some of the adverse health effects of using these gadgets include diminished social communication skills and reduced quality of sleep. Additionally, for older children, time spent online also means physical inactivity that is imperative for mental and physical growth.

As the younger generation leans towards being more tech savvy, these women entrepreneurs are bringing play into their lives by giving them a

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Study describes the impact of Indigenous women in Saskatchewan living with HIV

HIV has carried an enormous stigma since it was discovered. Although the stigma is lower than it was in the ‘80s and ‘90s, when any person with HIV or AIDS was generally an outcast and people were afraid to even touch someone who was positive for the diseases, there’s still a great deal of negativity surrounding those three letters and those who are tested positive tend to feel shame.

Morning Star Lodge has done a study on Indigenous women living with HIV, called Digging Deep. Women with HIV were interviewed and a few of those interviews are on YouTube.

The stories have a similar background with childhood abuse, neglect, and early introduction into drugs.

People who are struggling with an who have struggled with addiction are generally looked down upon by society, as the general thought is that a person chooses to do drugs and they could have easily chosen

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Historic home gets modern updates | News, Sports, Jobs

This French chateau-style home started out as a Victorian home but has transformed itself once again with modern amenities and inspired interior design. LORENA BENIQUEZ/West Branch Life

With so many architectural jewels on Williamsport’s Grampian Boulevard, it is tough competition to standout — but one French chateau does just that. Located at 235 Grampian Blvd., the historic home recently got an update with new technology and daring design.

“It has a modern floor plan that preserves the historical features,” said Fish Real Estate Agent Denise Reis, who is familiar with the home.

Built in 1898, the home has a storied past with prominent families such as the Plakenhorns and Lundys residing there. “This is a landmark home because when the Plankenhorns bought it, they bought a lot of acreage around it,” said Reis. That land later grew to become the residential community of Grampian Hills.

Originally, the home was a

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Yahoo website builder review | TechRadar

If you’re looking for an easy to moderate skill website builder built directly for small businesses, then you’re in luck. Yahoo website builder has many unique features designed to create a website that fits your niche. There’s a free plan available that you can use for an unlimited time, and it includes SEO. You can also view all of the templates on the website without having to purchase the web hosting service. This is a great benefit especially if you’re comparing Yahoo website builder to other web hosts available. 

Even if you need more assistance building your site (beyond traditional hosting) you can sign up for website design services. This provides a team of experts who want to create your website for you. You won’t have to waste time on the details and can focus your time on the bigger picture. Whichever needs you have, you’ll find ways to improve

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