Pranab Mukherjee stayed away from modern gadgets, late night parties

Pranab Mukherjee, Narendra Modi are posing for a picture: Former President Pranab Mukherjee with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Former President Pranab Mukherjee with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

About Pranab Mukherjee, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh once told me that he was like Dhrupad Sangeet. If you don’t understand Dhrupad or if your ears are not trained to listen to Dhrupad, then it will be difficult for you to enjoy the music.

The analogy with Dhrupad gives the impression that Mukherjee, senior Congress leader and former President was a dreary person, who stayed a thousand hands away from so-called modern gadgets, modern lifestyle, late night parties and instead remained engrossed in politics and reading — a person from whom people might have heard, when they went to him, about Congress politics before Indira Gandhi.

It also happened, when someone went to his place, that he would narrate details of the first Congress session and explain how, from there, the party got transformed. So many times listening

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Upgrade and enhance your VR experiences with these gadgets

Gallery: Best true wireless earbuds 2020 for wire-free Bluetooth audio (Pocket-lint)

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FEFU scientists are paving way for future tiny electronics and gadgets


IMAGE: Intel Core i5 9400F
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Credit: Christian Wiediger, @christianw; Unsplash

Scientists of the School of Natural Sciences of Far Eastern Federal University (SNS FEFU) with colleagues from Russia, South Korea, and Australia suggest the breaking new ground approach to manage spin-electronic properties and functionality of the thin-film magnetic nanosystems. The method is important for the development of a new generation of tiny electronics (spin-orbitronics) and superfast high-capacity computer memory. A related article appears in NPG Asia Materials.

Scientists from the SNS FEFU Laboratory for Thin Film Technologies propose to control the functionality of a magnetic nanosystem through the surface roughness of a magnetic film sandwiched between heavy metal and a capping layer.
Modulating the roughness amplitude on the bottom and top surfaces (interfaces) of the magnetic film in the range of less than a nanometer, which is about the size of atoms, the researchers have maximized useful

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Reliance Digital Festival Sale: Great Deals And Offers On Electronics Gadgets

Reliance Digital: Festival Offers On Electronics Gadgets

The brand is now offering up to 70 percent off on some of the products at a very cheap starting price. Here are some of the interesting deals available on Reliance Digital during this festival season.

Earphones And Headphones Starting From Rs. 299

Earphones And Headphones Starting From Rs. 299

You can now get an earphone or a headphone for just Rs. 299. The company offers these audio accessories from multiple brands with the starting price of less than Rs. 300.

Up to 70% Off On Wearables

Up to 70% Off On Wearables

Always wanted to get a smartwatch but couldn’t afford one? It looks like your time has come, as Reliance Digital is now offering up to 70 percent off over MRP on some of the best wearable devices in the market during the festival offer sale.

Tablets Starting From Rs. 9,999

Tablets Starting From Rs. 9,999

Planning to get a smartphone to your children for the online classes? How about a tablet that offers more screen

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scientists developed a new way to charge gadgets

MOSCOW, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Scientists from NUST MISIS have developed a new type of energy-efficient devices – thermocells that convert heat into energy. This will make possible creation of portable batteries that can be applied to virtually any surface, including clothing, to generate electricity directly from the surface of the body. The results are presented in the Renewable Energy journal.

Thermoelectricity – electricity obtained from heat due to temperature potential differences – is one of the most promising areas of “green energy”. This potential difference (the so-called temperature gradients) surrounds us everywhere – a building heated in the sun, a working transport, even the heat of the human body. The problem is that the modern thermoelectrochemical cells (thermocells) have a rather low output power.

Scientists from NUST MISIS have found solutions to this problem by developing a new type of thermocell consisting of metal oxide electrodes and

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The best 1980s gadgets that defined a decade

(Pocket-lint) – In many ways, the 1980s seemed like a simpler time. There were no social media; no smartphones – in fact, there were few mobile phones at all. We didn’t live our lives online and your boss couldn’t get hold of you at all hours of the day.

Yet that’s not to say it was an analogue era of slow progress, far from it. The gadgets, games consoles, watches, and electronic toys of almost forty years ago paved the way for the advanced technology we enjoy today.

We have a lot to thank those 80s engineers for and to celebrate their achievements, we’ve handpicked the best 80s gadgets to make you feel all nostalgic.

Evan-Amos – public domain

Nintendo Entertainment System

Another iconic Japanese import of the 1980s was the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES.

A remodelled version of the company’s Family Computer, or Famicom, the 8-bit NES

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32 Genius Gadgets Under $40 On Amazon That Are Basically Out Of A Black Mirror Episode

Black Mirror is science fiction, but sometimes it hits pretty close to home — and today’s modern world is actually filled with high-tech devices that would be right at home in the popular show. You see these cool gadgets everywhere: whether it’s your techie cousin who always has the newest toys or someone flying a drone in the park, you’ll no doubt bump into some of this gear fairly regularly. There’s nowhere that the rise of technology is more apparent, however, than with the coolest gadgets on Amazon.

The massive online retailer is absolutely brimming with geeky gadgets and cool technology that makes you feel like you’re on a sci-fi show. There are so many genius products on Amazon, in fact, that it’s hard to know where to begin.

The range of products is impressive: You have everything from household items to electronics to kitchen gadgets. There are cool grooming

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44 Geeky kitchen gadgets that every nerd needs

(Pocket-lint) – Whether you’re a whizz in the kitchen or an utter cooking novice, there are plenty of gadgets and gizmos out there to help you prepare a wonderful bite to eat or make life easier in the kitchen. From cool and quirky food storage to handy preparation tools, there’s something for everyone. 

If you’re a little bit nerdy, a tad lazy or just want some help making your kitchen look awesome, then keep on scrolling as we’ve hunted down the very best in nerdy kitchen delights that we’re sure you’ll love.

I could eat a T-REX

Measuring out pasta is a tough game. Too much and you’re likely to waste some, too little and you’ll go hungry. This kitchen gadget is perfect as it allows you to measure out the right sizes for a man, woman or child and if you’re as hungry as a dinosaur, that’s

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Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger: specs, gadgets and review

My favourite Bond car chase comes courtesy of Pierce Brosnan, Famke Janssen, a winding Alpine road heading towards Monte Carlo, a peloton of unsuspecting cyclists, and a red Ferrari F355 GTS taking on Bond’s silver Aston Martin DB5.

Far from being the movie that made the DB5 Bond’s ultimate Aston of choice, Goldeneye was a bit of a low point for MI6’s most famous agent, because for the next few movies he had BMW company cars. Goldeneye’s chase between Maranello’s brand-new targa and Newport Pagnell’s grandfather clock would be the last Aston-badged action we’d see until Q handed over the keys to a vanishing Vanquish in Die Another Day.

Of course, the benefit of a floating timeline means that while Bond rarely changes, everything else around him – the gadgets, the guns and the cars – can be brought right up to date. So why is it that the car

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Amazing retro gadgets you can buy to relive the glory days

(Pocket-lint) – We all love a good gadget and there’s nothing like a piece of tech you can buy today that throws you back in time with a haze of nostalgia for days gone by.

Taking a trip down memory lane, we’ve scoured the web for a selection of the very best retro-style gadgets with a nostalgic feel.

Basic Fun

Speak & Spell


The original Speak & Spell was introduced in the late 1970s and was a wonder of the time. A simple little device that could help children learn to spell with a speech synthesis engine that could manage an impressive 200 words. 

That old device is now being brought back to life by Basic Fun! and now boasts a lot more processing power and intelligence. If you want your children or grandchildren to relive the fun of the 70s and 80s, then this is the toy

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