Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger: specs, gadgets and review

My favourite Bond car chase comes courtesy of Pierce Brosnan, Famke Janssen, a winding Alpine road heading towards Monte Carlo, a peloton of unsuspecting cyclists, and a red Ferrari F355 GTS taking on Bond’s silver Aston Martin DB5.

Far from being the movie that made the DB5 Bond’s ultimate Aston of choice, Goldeneye was a bit of a low point for MI6’s most famous agent, because for the next few movies he had BMW company cars. Goldeneye’s chase between Maranello’s brand-new targa and Newport Pagnell’s grandfather clock would be the last Aston-badged action we’d see until Q handed over the keys to a vanishing Vanquish in Die Another Day.

Of course, the benefit of a floating timeline means that while Bond rarely changes, everything else around him – the gadgets, the guns and the cars – can be brought right up to date. So why is it that the car

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