Personal interactions are important drivers of STEM identity in girls — ScienceDaily

As head of the educational outreach arm of the Florida State University-headquartered National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Roxanne Hughes has overseen dozens of science camps over the years, including numerous sessions of the successful SciGirls Summer Camp she co-organizes with WFSU .

In a new paper published in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Hughes and her colleagues took a much closer look at one of those camps, a coding camp for middle school girls.

They found that nuanced interactions between teachers and campers as well as among the girls themselves impacted how girls viewed themselves as coders.

The MagLab offers both co-ed camps and summer camps for girls about science in general as well as about coding in particular . Hughes, director of the MagLab’s Center for Integrating Research and Learning , wanted to study the coding camp because computer science is the only STEM field where

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SEO Experts State Why The Structure Of A Website Is More Important Than You Think

Google or any search engine, for that matter, does not simply look at the content that is present within a website. It takes note of the overall structure of the website, the manner in which the pages are separated, the relevant keywords in each page, and the mode of navigation. All these aspects combine to form the SEO strategy of your website.

So, when you hear the words, SEO doesn’t simply think it’s about a bunch of keywords. SEO is beyond keyword stuffing in your website content and any agency that calls themselves SEO experts will tell you the same.

But even before you visit an SEO agency, you need to have some basic understanding of how the structure of your website plays into the search rankings. So, here’s a quick course on website structure and SEO.

The Search Engine Needs To Comprehend Your Website

When the search engine

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Sydney Mikayla Learned 1 Important Lesson About Social Media During the Pandemic

Sydney Mikayla is a new face on General Hospital. She joined the show last year as Trina Robinson, the teenage daughter of Portia Robinson and Marcus Taggert.

General Hospital is introducing Mikayla to many new fans and social media followers. However, the 17-year-old is still learning about how to navigate social media as a TV actor. Mikayla recently revealed one important lesson she has been learning about social media during the pandemic.

Sydney Mikayla has been acting since a young age

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General Hospital is actually not Mikayla’s first time working in front of the camera. She has actually been working since a young age, especially since her mother, Sonya, is an actor as well.

As reported by Soap Opera Digest, Mikayla’s first role was on her favorite childhood show, Yo Gabba Gabba!. Later on,

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