Unlimited WordPress Web Hosting – What Does that Mean?

Most web hosts like to include promises of “Unlimited Web Hosting” in their deals and

Most web hosts like to include promises of “Unlimited Web Hosting” in their deals and plans, but what do those words mean? What sort of alarm bells should they ring?

Most web hosting site reveals their definitions of “unlimited in the terms and conditions (TOS) of their sites. For some, this might mean hundreds or thousands of gigabytes, which admittedly, is more than most sites will ever require (although this is certainly a limit). Other hosting providers take special care to mention that this disk space can only be used to host the website, and cannot be used as an offsite backup service.


Other wordpress hosting sites that utilize this ploy might use it to avoid specifying limits on bandwidth or disk space – which means they might be charging you without obligating for any set amount of space or bandwidth. Of course, these are the sites that cunningly hide these very limitations in the TOS you agree to when signing onto their services. Be wary!


Do you even need unlimited web hosting?

These days, disk space and bandwidth aren’t hard to come by, but with more and more sites offering robust features and responsive layouts, what really matters is resource usage – the amount of CPU usage, RAM and database connections. These resources are usually extremely limited.

What can we learn from all of this? To carefully read the small print and make sure exactly what are you paying for? If you suspect a web host of being dishonest or for promising features, it cannot deliver, you should stir clear of that specific host.

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